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Alise is a real Russian woman wants to meet single men.

Poor russian single woman Alisa from Belarus

Belarus (Minsk)

Main info

  • First Name: Alisa
  • Age: 41
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Height: 168cm
  • Birthday: 17 Jun 1970
  • Zodiac Sign:Gemini
  • Location: Belarus (Minsk)
  • Language: English 1(Basic)

About Me:

I like to communicate with friends, but only unhurriedly; I like ice-cream, baths with female-friends or friends. I adore driving a car, especially other`s one; I still only dream about my own. Having free time, I devote myself to needlework, I work; sometimes, if being in good mood, I go shopping.

The most stupid questions:
- What are you doing here?
Probably, the same as you do here. Who am I looking for? I wish you would read my questionnaire.
- And how are things going on? Have you found anyone?
Well, if I found anyone, I wouldn`t be here any longer. One man is just enough for me, but who loves and who is loved. Do you think it is simple? Nothing of the kind!
- Aren`t you really married? (the question is rather legal, but still stupid)
Have you read my questionnaire? What is written there? Does everybody lie and write untruth? Well, if I lie too, what will change, if you ask it again? Yes, by the way, I don`t lie.
- You are so….., super, but why are you still alone?
Well, first, it can happen to anybody. It doesn`t mean that I was alone all my life. Yes, I was married. Yes, I divorced. Yes, I don`t have children. Yes, I`m going to do it by all means.

Who I want to find:

I look for a sexy, fascinating, handsome, gallant, sociable man with a good sense of humor; a man who I will have much to discuss with before and after sex. I like when men use top-level perfume daily. I prefer a real meeting to a long-term correspondence.

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