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Modern Belarusian bride.

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Many men are deeply interested in different ways and places of finding a bride from Belarus, but still have not started their search yet. The ones who dares - wins, though at the beginning you need to analyze the best places to find a wife and decide what kind of woman you see in future as a life-partner. Answering these simple questions will help you avoid common mistakes while searching for your future wife.

To clarify how and where you should better start looking for a true love, you have to create a mental image of your bride in your head and visualize it regularly for 5-10 minutes every day. Imagine the appearance of a Belarusian woman, who may become your significant other in the slightest details and fix it in the subconscious through self-hypnosis. After that try to imagine the personality, that your future bride should possess. More and more people believe that during our lives we get what we create in our mind or what we often think about. Everything is up to you, just act and try! And we will eagerly help you telling useful information about the Belarusian women.

24.2 years - that is usually the age of the average modern Belarusian bride. Just to compare with, Swedish women are not in a hurry with that - the age of marriage there is an average of 30.7 years. The percentage of Belarusians who marry foreigners within a few years have slightly risen. If in 2013 2% of all marriages were marriages of Belarusians with foreign suitors, in 2014 this percentage was 8%. Basically, foreign grooms are citizens of European countries.

What motivates a Belarusian woman in marriage?

71.7% think that the best reason for marriage is a true love, the motivation for 27.1% is to issue legally effective relations; 22.5% have to go down the aisle because of pregnancy, and only 15, 6% are just afraid to be alone.

How many children would Belarusian women like to have? Ideally, 64.4% would like to have two children, 27.0% would be ready to give a birth to three children, 4.2% would like to have even more than three children, and for 4.4% it would be enough to have only one child. However, in a real life, this situation is different - 61.3% are planning to give a birth to two children, 13.6% - to three, 1.9% - to more than three, 23.1% - to one child.

What are the problems that may lead to divorce?

Sociological research in the framework of demographic security program for 2014-2015 states, they are the following: 52.1% believe that the cause is the abuse of alcohol, for 58.8% it is financial difficulties, 45.9% refer to inadequate housing conditions, 31.5% accuse their spouse of adultery. Least of all women (5.9%) believe that marriages fail due to illness of a spouse, child or other close relatives.

Belarusian and russian women.

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Most often Belarusian women get divorced at 25-29 years - 8665 cases in 2013, and less often under the age of 18 - 12 cases in 2013. It has been recorded 555 divorce cases per year during 60 years.

The same study gives information that is even more interesting. Belarusian women think that the main burden on the husband to fulfill family responsibilities in the modern family is as follows:


- 61.5% - financial security,

- 2.1% - family service (cleaning, cooking, laundry),

- 1.0% - child care and education,

- 11.9% - treatment backyard or suburban area.

Society imposes on us with whom we are supposed to marry or have children, and manages all of our lives and actions, through facts and opinions. So if you are intending to find a decent Belarusian bride, listen to your soul, not the society. There are many places where you can find a future wife, so just try to pick up the one in accordance to the image you visualize. We also recommend you a dedicated website lbride.com.

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