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The real Russian girl Olga from Ukraine looking for a husband from Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Where to meet real and hot Russian girls.

Ukraine, Kiev

Main info

  • First Name: Olga
  • Age: 30
  • Weight: 57kg / 125lbs
  • Job Title: Finance
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Marital status: Single
  • Birthday: 05 Dec 1985
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Location: Ukraine, Kiev
  • Language: English 3 (Intermediate)
  • Smoking Frequency: Occasionally
  • Is it okay if they have children?: Yes

Who I want to find:

The best man in the World is your beloved man. The beloved man is the one you love most of all in your life and more than yourself. A perfect lover is the one you love so much that you do not notice any other men around. You already guess that the perfect man is just the one I came to find on this web-site. I am a really hot Russian girl.

Life priorities:

- Family, long-term relationship

You will get to know me better if you just listen to an old parable. To Lord descended from the Skies and met a man who said he was feeling bored. The Lord pondered: "What should I do for the man for him to be happy all his life?" Not wishing to reject the man’s request the Lord decided to create a woman from a few bright rays of the Sun, all of the charming colors of dawn, brooding sadness of the Moon, the beauty of a swan, the playfulness of a kitten, graceful dragonflies, gentle warmth of fur, attractive force of magnet and reunited all these. Then he added cold twinkling stars, fickleness of the wind, cunning of a fox, greed of a shark, jealousy of a tigress, vindictiveness of a wasp, bloodthirstiness of a leech and narcotic of opium. A real woman came into being as a result. God gave the woman to the man saying: - Love your woman the way she will love you then! Love what you like in her and ignore what you dislike.

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