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The friendship between man and woman

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Since ancient times people considered, that women and men can not simply be friends and live together they were allowed just after their marriage. Today times have changed dramatically and the relations between males and females too. Presently, no one is surprised when man and woman work together, go in for sports, relax, travel and spend weekends. So, it is not necessary to arise between them romantic relationship.

Man and woman can definitely be simply friends, but only pure friendship between them is quite rare. So what prevents simply to be friends man and woman? One of the major reasons preventing the friendship between them is a sexual attraction. Women expect from intersexual friendship more confidence and emotionality, that becomes the cause of sexual tension. If between friends of the opposite sex it comes down to intimate relationships, the woman can no longer consider a man, as a friend. She is waiting for confession from him in the love and proposal of marriage. The men believe, that sex does not cause destruction of friendship, it makes it only stronger. In their opinion just sexual attractiveness makes possible friendly relations between woman and man.

What to choose: friendship or sex?

However, men are confident, that the friendly relations can not be compared with the sexual relationships. The friendship brings much more satisfying and rewarding than sex. It is more qualitative and high. Indeed, the friendship from the love is not easy to distinguish, they have lot in common. But the friendly relations are something more than love. Loving each other people idealize the reality and the object of their love. In the majority of cases, the lovers are united only sexual attraction, but the friendship between them is not present. Very often, the lovers do not find the common theme for the communication, do not trust each other, they are jealous and scandal on the subject: "Who owes whom?".

True friendly relations - fiction or not?

The friendly relations between man and woman are based on the mutual trust, common interest and affection. True friends spend time together, socialize and help each other in difficult situations. They are always close, regardless of the developed circumstances. You do not need anything to share with a friend, he will not betray and does not scandal. With friends life is much more interesting, especially if they respect each other and have common views. True friends do not envy, they with all heart happy for the luck of friends and accept them for what they are.

To know what type of feelings feels for you your friend, ask him simple question: "What is the most attracts him to you?". When he answered that he likes your appearance and behavior, then most likely he feels for you more tender affections. He just thinks "How to win a girl", but not friend. Friends do not give too much attention to figure, clothing, hair and other external qualities of each other, between them there are no jealousy and distrust.

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What to do to save the friendship

The friendly relations between males and females are very fragile, to spoil them you can quickly and easily. To prevent this, do not let even the slightest reason to the possibility of other kinds of relations besides of friendly. Do not exert the excessive interest of private life of your friend, and avoid situations that can provoke the intimate relationships. Do not communicate with a friend on the topics related to his sex life, do not tell him about personal life in such details, so that he becomes interested in you, as a representative of the opposite sex. Is it possible to behave in such a way in real life? Do not believe the words of a person who offers you: "Let's stay friends!". True friendship between people who felt for each other somehow romantic feelings can not be. So people say in this way typically only in order not to offend the rejected lover. If even between you and friend will develop some kind of relationship, then it is not friendship, only real flirting, in which you will be living with the intention, that once he finally will understand, that he was wrong, and will offer you not to be friends, but live together.

How best to get acquainted
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If you come to Russia to find the spouse, then you should know where is better to get acquainted with a girl for a serious-minded relationship.

How to win a girl or a woman who you like?

Many male ideas are to earn more money, to become athletic and courageous, to become more confident and to do venturesome deeds.

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