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How to find an regular girl , a good Russian wife.

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Often people begin dating, living together, than get married and have children after online dating - you may even have some examples of that in your environment. So throw doubts and make every effort to find the right fit among millions of profiles.

Your photo on a dating site

This is the first thing that can disturb her. It does not even matter whether you are handsome or not (find a good angle and use Instagram filters). Ladies may be disappointed with the things you do not pay attention to or, on the contrary, consider funny.

Firstly, you have to be without sunglasses. Your face generally must be clearly visible (without falling shadows, medical masks and balaclavas). Choose a clear portrait made with a successful lighting. If you pretend to be humorous and enthusiastic, it is possible to place on the avatar funny picture where you writhe pretty face, but it is not a photo with your mouth wide open - this is not aesthetically pleasing. It is required to have photos that reveal your hobbies and a rich inner world. Here you conquer the mountaintops, but here–drawing a plan for the future of the skyscrapers or standing in a narrow European street. Remember, even if you have a positive attitude questionnaire on alcohol, uploading photos with binge drinking is prohibited.

Blacklisted people also have photos with friends and photos in the arms of women. Among relatively undesirable are shots where you are near the monument with a duty-free package, selfies in the mirror or on a web camera, a photo of the home archive at someone's country house and other dregs of focus. Win-win situation - a photo with a kitten or a puppy.

Profile on lbride.com.

Even if you identify yourself as the Crown Prince with his own vineyards in Tuscany, spelling or grammar mistakes will spoil everything. Write attentively and correctly! Honestly specify whom and why you are looking for. Do you want a serious relationship and family? Write about that. Such formulations may scare off many, but you can save your and other people's time. Indicate as much as possible of your hobbies: representation of you will be more complete, and the search will offer more candidates with the same interests. Paradoxically, but she will rather pay her attention to the candidate with higher education, higher income and knowledge of foreign languages. If, despite the gaps in these areas, you think you are a great person (and so it is), then just miss these graphs in the questionnaire. Do not use any stupid nicknames; you are looking for a girl, and not a partner in the garage.

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You are not in Turkish boardwalk to talk to a stranger like "Hello, beautiful," "How are you, princess?" or "Charmed, my lady." More appropriate words than "Hi, how are you?" are not yet invented, and compliments should be simple and unobtrusive: sweet smile, kind eyes or beautiful photos.

As in real communication, it is up to you to make the first step. Ask questions, joke, and ask about her hobbies. Try to figure out what kind of man the girl is looking for to drop out or fit from the very beginning.


Instead of wasting time talking, you should better immediately make an appointment. It is risky, but it is better to find out on the beach, that she cannot stand hockey, and you do not give a damn about Gauguin's painting than to discover irreconcilable differences, sitting face to face in a cafe.

Reasons for failure

"He asked me out to the mall. Have we decided to miss classes at school?"

"He offered to meet on the outskirts of the city, because it was more convenient to him."

"He invited me to go to his place immediately."

First Date. Taking the Giant Step.

Dating is like riding a bicycle, it takes a while to get your balance, but when you do you'll hardly ever fall off. No matter your age you'll always be able to ride. And so in dating, first dates are sometimes painful for many people.

Relationship Tips

Relationships can be both an exciting start. This is where you just can not wait to see each other, spending every free minute of each other and dreams just can not keep the phone.

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