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How to win a girl or a woman who you like?

Many male ideas are to earn more money, to become athletic and courageous, to become more confident and to do venturesome deeds. Well, besides it, one can become a very clever and advised person or a specialist, and so on. The pieces of advice of this article are applicable for the majority of russian girls and russian women.


In order to find a girl or a woman, one needs persistency. Unfortunately or fortunately, even if you are an extremely cool hero and you can fall five down at one stroke; and you have pockets full of money and you are so clever that Einstein is nothing in comparison with you, all these don`t mean that all russian women just fall on your neck.
We can even tell you that the best russian women and girls won`t fall on your neck. You won`t be able to win these girls. You could even watch it in films, but your deeds and merits are only a good basis for further actions. If you don`t go on acting, no merits will help you to get a girl who you like. Or, at least, a man ten times worse than you, but who really acts, he can easily outstrip you.

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At the same time, in order to win a girl, you are to act with a certain grain of persistency. It may happen that your offer will be unexpected for girls (because sometimes girls don`t understand man at all). But then, when she thinks it over, she will probably be ready to accept it. And it is rather difficult to guess that a girl has changed her mind. Just suggest something else once more.

How to find a girl?

One must have an ability to suppress rivals. If a girl has a man close by (you, for example), 95% of men won`t court her. You will avert 95% of potential problems by that. I don`t mean you are to be a jealous man and constantly follow your girl. It`s out of place and it will even harm, as girls don`t like silly, jealous men. But look here, if you really want to get the girl you like, just visit the places your girl visits. Come to her work once a month, call her sometimes. Show, that you really exist. Even if there is any festival without your presence (corporative), come along toward evening to meet and take your darling home. In general, to win a girl, don`t treat your girl indifferently, don`t think that nobody is interested in her, and don`t think you are the best one in the world and everything will be wonderful.

Popularity among other women.

In brief, it`s the following: if other women like a man, then, as a rule, a concrete woman likes him more. And it will be much easier for a man to get a girl who he likes. And of course, on the contrary, if women don`t like you, then the concrete, important for you girl may stop being interested in you too. This factor is much more important when you are not married yet and you want to find a girl. You must please your girlfriend`s friends and her acquaintances at least a little. To please exactly as a man and not a person. I don`t mean you are to court them or to be unfaithful. It is out of place. Just take it into consideration. If you and your girl (potential girl) are together somewhere, behave in such a way so to please other women. Don`t stand there like a stuffed dummy staring at your darling with tender eyes.

Decline those women who don`t like you.

There is always a number of russian women who you won`t ever please. Whatever you do, whatever success you achieve, they will treat you with respect at best. You have been sent to the rightabout, accept it. It happens to all men. Don`t resent and avenge all the more. Go away, devote yourself to business and then you will get another woman. And don`t tell me that she is the only woman, and there are no more such russian women.

If a woman is unique who is destined for you, she will not send you to the rightabout dozens of times.

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