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First Date. Taking the Giant Step.

Dating is like riding a bicycle, it takes a while to get your balance, but when you do you'll hardly ever fall off. No matter your age you'll always be able to ride. And so in dating, first dates are sometimes painful for many people. It is therefore very important to establish in your own mind what you expect from the date beforehand. Here is a list of dating tips that will help you keep your "date" balance.

Have you ever herd the expression KISS? No it's not what you think. In this reference, kiss is an acronym commonly used in the business community. I think it's appropriate to use the term as a basis for planning your first date. KISS means "Keep It Simple Stupid." When you're with someone new, your heart is feverishly beating and your nervous as all get out so why not make your first date as simple as possible. Let's face it if you cook up some complex and elaborate date it could very well blow-up in your face. Then how will you feel? Besides, what if the chemistry between the two of you isn't there. You certainly don't want to be locked in where you could not get out with your dignity in tack.

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At the same time, in order to win a girl, you are to act with a certain grain of persistency. It may happen that your offer will be unexpected for girls (because sometimes girls don`t understand man at all). But then, when she thinks it over, she will probably be ready to accept it. And it is rather difficult to guess that a girl has changed her mind. Just suggest something else once more.

There is nothing worse than not being on the same wavelength when asking and agreeing to a first date. Men make sure you are clear as to where you are taking her. Women if you aren't sure where you are going then ask. Why? Because think how awkward it would be if you were going for a walk in the moonlight on the beach, you wearing your cut-offs and your date is wearing formal attire. Women, if he is arranging everything be sure that you know exactly where he is planning to take you.


Make sure you have setup backup plan of getting home if things do not go well. If possible, arrange to meet in a public place that you are familiar with. One more thing, be sure to take your cell-phone with you in case there's a need to make a speedy exit.

Men and Russian Women, remember this is your first date together. The purpose is to have fun and get to know each other. Remember the KISS acronym. By planning a simple date you'll be more relaxed and not expect too much from the beginning. After all you want it to be a time for you to have a fun way to get to know one another. As you continue to date you'll know soon enough if your relationship has the possibilities of developing into a strong and ever lasting relationship.

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