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At this web-site you will have a fascinating chance to meet Russian ladies and find love! Dating for serious relations and marriage is a goal for most men and women who register at Love of Bride every day and if this is just what you wish we invite you to register at our web-site. Dating marriage agency is a paid service for women. Introducing paid services we eliminate many undesirable visitors who register at the web-site for momentary amusement, fraud or spam delivery. All our Russian girls really exist. By registration at for serious acquaintances with Russian brides you can be assured that you have found the best and the safest web-site on the Net! Dating web-site registers all single men without any payment. Our special software will help you meet Russian brides to create a happy family with. Free galleries for registered men. Accounts are activated within three days.


Online dating is an advanced and modern way to find his love.

Online dating with girls who are looking for long-lasting relationship with single men:
There are many single people in the world. Only in America, according to statistics, there are more than 49 million single men aged from 25 to 50. Most of these men and women want to find their life partner. What ways can you use to meet your love?
You can meet him/her in the street, at the market, at an office, in a college or university, just near your house, at a party etc. On the other hand, there are many cases when a man or a woman tries to meet somebody but without any result. What can they do? In this case I can suggest you to broaden the field of your search. For this purpose internet will be very useful.
You can argue that there are a lot of dating web-sites. Their great quantity makes it difficult to find a suitable dating web-site. If you want to find a man or a woman for marriage I can offer you a lot of Russian dating web-sites. Why? Russian women are attractive, family oriented. Most of them are good housewives. In the territory of CIS it’s traditional to consider a man as the head of the family. Russian women aren’t such feminists as Western females.
If you marry a Russian girl be sure you’ll live in the well-groomed house, eat delicious, tasty home-made food. Moreover, Russian ladies are very devoted and most of them want to have children. Most Russian dating web-sites do infinite work to select honest girls who have serious intentions to marry American and European men and move abroad. These web-sites verify their documents, make sure that these girls really exist. Respectful sites will do everything to protect you from scammers. If I have convinced you to meet Russian brides try your fortune in the Internet. But make sure if these web-sites have a several years standing history, if they verify the girls’ documents, read feedbacks. Find your love with the help of Good luck!

Russian beauty and Russian girls

Russian beauty does not only consist of Russian forests and literature, its main riches is its women. We talk much about hydrocarbon accumulation in this country at the same time we don't observe its main wealth. American women are too stout, French women are too capricious, English women drink too much, Dutch women are too emancipated! So, only Russian women remain. Russian beauty is famous throughout the whole World and men from all countries love them, therefore Russian women are serious competitors to other females. On our dating marriage agency you will find the most suitable Russian brides who are looking for a foreign man. You can easily meet the girl you like. So if you're searching for a bride or women with Russian traditional values is the right site for you!

Welcome to the beautiful world of real Russian Brides!

Why does each man registered on our marriage agency find his love?

In spite of a widespread belief love isn’t a result of one's fortune or luck, it doesn’t “come and go”, we create love by ourselves. And each person is able to create it. We can all love and be loved, create long-term relations which the most important thing in love is. No matter how you are living now, life can change and it is just ourselves who can promote these changes. We assure you that Russian women will inspire you and remind you that life may be just the kind it should be, i.e. full of joy, wonders and a whole world of love.

All russian women and girls meet men from all over the world here. Lonely, charming,caring, Russian beauties are waiting here to follow after you to any part of the world! unlimited contacts with any Russian women!

Russian ladies are always online on

On our web-site you can see both Russian ladies who are currently online and the ones who have been online recently (yesterday, this week).
This allows you to write only to those Russian brides who are really interested. Sometimes a lady stops visiting the web-site because she has not found any attractive candidature for herself. But suddenly she receives a letter from a proper man and in this case she becomes an active user of our web-site. Therefore we recommend the gentlemen to write letters to Russian ladies at once.
Therefore we recommend write letters for some Russian ladies at once.

Online dating: what kind of messages are optional for Russian ladies?

Avoid compliments of sexual type. This advice is valid for both men and women. But for men it should become an axiom because they discuss women’s appearance more often. Your compliments in the beginning of relations must be more neutral than physical.

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Use original greetings. Besides, don’t ask for your Russian beauty’s telephone number just after your first contact. Talk about things your interlocutor is interested in. This tactics is more effective, therefore your Russian beauty will be interested to communicate with you.

Cheating! Be carefull! Of course we do our best to insure honesty of each girl on our web-site, but still some of them might have dishonorable expectancies. We ask you not to send money to anybody. Inform us about shady actions to our Support Service.

Talk about things your interlocutor is interested in. It is more effective to do so for in this way you will at least let him or her know you have viewed your interlocutor’s profile. Atheists have more chances. Curiously enough, mentioning your religion influences the result of your contact negatively.

Single Russian brides online now

  • Алина from Russia wants to find a man from Europe

    I'm waiting for letters from men

  • Kristina from Russia wants to find a man from Europe

    I'm waiting for letters from men

  • Anna from Ukraine wants to find a man from Europe

    I'm waiting for letters from men

  • Olena from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, Italia


    russian lady online now

  • Vita from Ukraine wants to find a man from Western Europe, Italia


    russian lady online now

Vita, 34 y.o.
Online now!
Олеся, 35 y.o.
Online now!
Варвара, 34 y.o.
Online now!
Svetlana, 31 y.o.
Online now!
Юлия, 35 y.o.
Online now!
Ирина, 33 y.o.
Online now!
Илана, 38 y.o.
Online now!
Инна, 35 y.o.
Online now!
Anna, 32 y.o.
Online now!

Why do Russian ladies come to our dating marriage agency?

We decided to find out what is more important for Russian ladies – an easy online flirt or serious long-term relations and marriage. For this purpose over 20000 parameters which Russian brides enter in their search form have been studied. We examined only the search parameters entered by authorized users. We have found out that more than 80% of the Russian ladies using Love of Bride dating marriage agency’s services registered at our web-site tended to find partners for serious relations and life-long family life. Register at our dating marriage agency and you will possibly find a unique girl among Russian ladies who will become "Love of Bride" for you.

Loneliness off! Give your application right now! You see, there are already thousands of lonely Russian women`s questionnaires: we are addressed by women of different ages, appearance and social status, from engineers to models, from educators of kindergartens to heads of companies. We have a great experience in connecting hearts, we can organize acquaintances for marriage in high-quality way.

Having applied to "" bride agency, you can be sure the result will be due and best for you!

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